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Sherwood at Jammin' Java in Vienna, VA

Marci and I went to see Sherwood last night. It was my first time seeing them live after many years of waiting and hoping for the opportunity. I was not let down. They had a lot of energy and seem to love playing music and I always appreciate that. They seem like real down-to-earth guys and I like that too.

The opening band, Black Gold, was not that impressive. They were somewhere between Radiohead and The Fray. The lead singer played a piano and crooned away, but it just didn't have the heart and passion I would want to see. Some of their songs sounded really great in concert, but some of them just didn't connect with me. I liked a few of them, so I'll download some stuff and decide whether I like them later. They had a song called "Detroit", so that alone is worth giving a second listen.

I made Marci a mix CD of Sherwood a week ago. I included the entire new album and my favorite 10 songs between the first and second albums. Some of these songs were played, but they played a mix of songs from all three albums, which I can definitely appreciate. Since I enjoy the first and second albums more than the third, this was a welcome surprise.

The tracklist looked something like this:
Maybe This Time
Middle of the Night
Ground Beneath My Feet
For The Longest Time
Give Up!
Make It Through
Not Gonna Love
Learn To Sing
You Are
The Summer Send It's Love
Town That You Live In
Alley Cat
Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus cover)
Traveling Alone
Song in My Head

I was never a big fan of "Not Gonna Love", but after hearing it in concert, I really like it! But my favorite songs to hear live were probably "Town That You Live In", "Ground Beneath My Feet", and "Song In My Head". I love the song "Middle of the Night" as well, but I felt that it was played too early in the show. I also really enjoyed when the guitarist came up and sang "Alley Cat". That was different and unexpected! The Miley Cyrus song might've been more enjoyable if I had ever heard it before (Marci had to tell me what it was). But it was silly nonetheless and you could tell the band was having fun. They also played a fan request, which was an old song they hadn't done live in two years ("Traveling Alone").

I enjoyed the fact that it was a good mix of music from all three of their albums, there was no one album they focused on more than another. I would definitely go see them again and I look forward to it!
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