Stevo (mrstevo) wrote,

noel gallagher left oasis = oasis is over

I had a deep love for Oasis years ago. Their last few albums have really not impressed me at all. There has been a song here or there on the last few that I've enjoyed, but as a whole, their last albums were not quality.

I've been hoping that Noel Gallagher would go solo for years. I'd really like to see what he does by himself. He basically WAS Oasis in the mid-90s at their height of quality music. Therefore, I believe that if he writes all of the music, there will be quality. I believe Oasis went downhill when other members of the band (including Liam) started writing songs.

Therefore, I think the breaking up of Oasis will be a welcome change for the members in my eyes. Let's see what happens next!

Of course, they'll probably reunite in 10 years for some big hoopla of a reunion tour...
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